Kairos Special Education

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The Special Education Support Team 

Contact Information

Betsy Madigan

Special Education Coordinator

Email: bmadigan@kairospublicschools.org

Office Number: (707) 453-7234 Ext. 101

Alexis Granzella (3-5/KISP)

Education Specialist

Email: abenner@kairospublicschools.org

Office Number: (707) 453-7234 Ext. 105

Arielle Hurst


Email: ahurst@kairospublicschools.org

Office Number: (707) 453-7234 Ext. 112

Shannon Carter


Email: scarter@kairospublicschools.org

Office Number: (707) 453-7234 Ext. 112

Caitlin Brennan

Speech-Language Pathologist

Email: cbrennan@kairospublicschools.org   

Office Number: (707) 453-7234 Ext. 223

Tiger Haloson

Occupational Therapist

Email: thaloson@kairospublicschools.org

Office Number: (707) 453-7234 Ext. 223

Contact Information

Morgan Birdsong 

Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

Email: mpaulson@kairospublicschools.org

Marianne Akerland

K-12 Health School Nurse

Email: marianne.akerland@k12health.com

Ronda Rufsvold

CCHAT Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher

Email: RondaRufsvold@cchatsacramento.org

Courtney South

Administrative Assistant

Email: csouth@kairospublicschools.org 

Office Number: 707-453-7234 Ext. 224

Kairos Innovative Scholars Program (KISP)