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Kairos Innovative Scholars Pathway (KISP) 

The Kairos Innovative Scholars Pathway (KISP) operates a  Kindergarten through eighth-grade homeschool/independent study program as part of Kairos Public Schools in Vacaville, California.


Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment). The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies a period between, moments of indeterminate length during which something special happens. We feel this metaphor aptly reflects our vision for KPSVA as a school where each student makes the most of every learning opportunity because they understand and embrace their school motto, “The Time is Now.”

The Kairos Innovative Scholars Pathway (KISP) was developed to create partnerships with parents on the journey of children's education. KISP partners a credentialed teacher (Academic Advisor) with parents and creates Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) to help each scholar thrive in each grade level. 

KISP offers optional workshops for scholars to attend to enrich their learning experiences and to provide opportunities for the KISP community to come together. 

Behind the Name

KISP Partnership 

  • Kairos Innovative Scholars Pathway (KISP) provides families with the flexibility of homeschooling along with many of the opportunities found in traditional public schools.  Each family will meet with a credentialed teacher (educational advisor) to support and guide each scholar's progress.  Many optional courses are also offered on-site for scholars to participate in.  Educational field trips, a resource center, and a computer lab are also some of the many benefits that are available to enhance each scholar's learning opportunity.

  • Parents are an integral part of school operation and governance. We invite our families to share ideas, suggestions, knowledge, and talents with the staff, the student body, and with other parents.  As homeschoolers, you often feel you are alone in what you are doing.  Coming together as a team is a good way of reminding yourselves that you are part of a special group.

  • Kairos Public School's Kairos Innovative Scholars Pathway provides kindergarten through eighth grade scholars and their parent teachers with expanded educational opportunities that are in direct support of the charter's philosophy. In keeping with it's philosophy of individualized learning plans for each scholar, Kairos Public School will assist and support all families in their endeavor to create unique educational opportunities for their scholar(s) through home and community.

  • Upon acceptance into KISP, each parent-teacher and scholar enters into a contract with the Kairos Public School. The school will supervise the parent-teacher's record-keeping of their scholar's work and progress.

Sports, Field Trips, and Activities 

All KISP scholars have access to the Kairos Public Schools sports programs, field trips, extra curricular activities, and more! 

We are one community at multiple locations! 


Kairos Public Schools are committed to empowering a generation of learners who think critically, analyze and apply knowledge strategically, and utilize relevant tools to interact thoughtfully within a global community. 

Throughout implementation of a rigorous, standards-based educational program with high expectations of all stakeholders -- students, parents/guardians, staff -- Kairos Public Schools are committed to installing a life-long love of learning to prepare its students for high school and lay the foundation for success for the most prestigious four-year colleges, universities, and beyond.






All students at KPS will strive to achieve the Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs). Each year, KPS will assess student progress towards attainment of the ESLRs and review and revise the ESLRs as necessary. The ESLRs will be adopted by the KPS Board and included in the Student Handbook each year

We Will Be:

  • Self-Directed Learners

  • Critical Thinkers

  • Effective Communicators

  • Responsible Citizens

What is a Charter School?

A Charter School is a public school established to provide students and parents with more choices in the types of educational opportunities and programs that are available within the public school system.

The Vacaville Unified School Board approved our community-based charter school in the Fall of 2013. Kairos Public Schools, is open to students who reside within or outside of the Vacaville Unified School District.

Kairos Public Schools is a strong supporter of parent's rights to choose the direction of their child's education. In 1993, the state approved a plan for development of Charter Schools. These Charter Schools were to provide opportunities for school districts or individual schools to try out innovative instructional methods, increase parent involvement, and improve student achievement. Kairos Public School Vacaville Academy is #1635 in the state of California. 


My child has been attending Kairos for three years and we have been impressed with this school since day one. Kairos is not your typical public school. Parents are involved and it makes a big difference. The school staff goes above and beyond and it shows. We feel truly blessed to have Kairos as our local school and would highly recommend this school to active, caring parents who would love to be involved and participate in their child's education.

- Caleb Hargreaves

My son has been at Kairos since the last half of 4th grade, he is now in 6th grade. We live in Fairfield and I drive him to and from school in Vacaville everyday because Kairos has been the best school my kid has ever been to. Being that my son is in Resource classes, he has exceeded tremendously with the help and efforts of the Resource team, along with all other staff. It's a small school that encourages parent involvement (which you don't see in most Middle Schools). The smaller class sizes, the inviting environment and the involvement in all staff members makes Kairos hands down the best Charter school in our area. You will not be disappointed by putting your child at Kairos. 

- Tracy Ramos

I can't say enough wonderful things about our families experience with KPSVA. Options on where your children attend school is so vital. Having this school available to us when our daughter left 6th grade was a game changer for her. She loved her middle school experience. She needed that one on one instruction and always had it here. As her parents that meant so much to us. Our son started at KPSVA in 1st grade. He has loved every year. Not just his teachers but to know he has bonds that will be created through junior high is pleasing to this mom. Our only hope is that this amazing school extends through 12th :)

- Christina Patterson

Our youngest daughter has struggled her entire elementary school career with learning disabilities. She has been in IEP classes since the 1st grade and while she has had small successes in learning, there was never that huge leaps and bounds learning jump to celebrate. We felt they just passed her along for 4 years with no real intentions in her obtaining grade standards because of the extra funds the school received for her, as well as the rest of the entire IEP class. That ALL changed the moment we walked into Kairos with the thriving, enriching, love for learning, passion for teaching, environment they encompass and provide for students, teachers, faculty and parents! Our daughter has continuously been, at minimum, 2 years behind in grade appropriate curriculum, but in the 1st two months of attending Kairos, she gained 2 years of learning and achieved grade level reading/comprehension and so many leaps and bounds milestones for us all to celebrate with her! We knew we were in the right place when in the IEP meeting, the teacher stated that it is her goal to work herself out of a job, PERFECT!!! Our ONLY regret has been we didn't give Kairos a chance a year earlier!

- Denise Salazar

The continual pursuit for excellence in every area of a child's development is what attracted me to this school. The passion for better education and the willingness to be scrutinized for the purpose of conviction is what will make this school a leading school and the students leaders that will shape our future. In my opinion there is no better school out there right now

- Leah Petrillo Parker

Amazing staff, Awesome school, and a plethora of activities/events/enrichments classes for EVERY type of student. If you're on the fence...make the jump and be a part of this Wonderful school!

- Renee Caulfield

A fantastic school. It may be hard to get in, but well worth it! Great teachers, before and after school programs and more. I love that they make the parents participate as it forces me to be there at my daughters school and interact with the staff and students. Life is so busy for most people its hard to set time aside but its well worth it! I strongly recommend.

- Jared Benning

We enrolled our daughter at KPSVA because of its high standards for student performance, and moreover because its mission and values aligned with our personal beliefs toward education, community partnership, and service. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made. At KPSVA, we are not just parents--we are stakeholders with a voice in our daughter's education. The children are not seen as just students at a desk-they are academic scholars who are expected to perform at their highest potential and feel empowered by their education. At every turn, the scholars at KPSVA are encouraged to think critically, apply their knowledge, take ownership of their words and actions, utilize their talents and gifts, and always be of service to others. Scholars are expected to follow rules and directions, and there are consequences if a student fails to comply with the school's code of conduct. KPSVA acknowledges that a child's education should never be a spectator sport. Subsequently, there is a true educational partnership that is fully embraced between parents and staff, and that partnership creates a strong sense of accountability and teamwork. The staff at KPSVA are truly an exceptional group of people, and they work tirelessly to make KPSVA the special place that it is. It seems they are always looking for ways to improve and help discover more relevant ways to instill a love for life-long learning in the students. KPSVA's small and highly personal learning environment provides a strong sense of community and belonging among the scholars and their families. This only serves to further promote its safe, healthy learning environment. We are beyond grateful to have a gem like KPSVA in our community, and we are incredibly proud to be in partnership with such an incredible school.                                                                                                      - Tim and Valerie Mattos 

5-Year Plan
5-Year Strategic Plan

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world."

- Joel A. Barker

Student Performance


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